Augmented reality gaming

Release date: 22 February 2012

For use with: PlayStation Vita

Bring the world into play.

  • Experience incredible augmented reality gaming using the PS Vita system's front and rear cameras to turn the world around you into an interactive, virtual playground.
  • Download and print off the six free AR Play Cards* to enjoy free games such as Table Football and Cliff Diving.
  • Use your free AR Play Cards to enhance gameplay in fantastic titles such as Reality Fighters. 
  • Challenge your skills in refreshingly unique games from PlayStation Store, such as Table Ice Hockey, PulzAR and Table Top Tanks.
  • Sign up to Inside PS Vita and stay up to date on the latest innovative AR gaming titles and applications.

*Note: The six free AR Play Cards come included with your PlayStation Vita system.

The AR Play Cards are also available to download for free from here (PC only).

OPEN ME! uses a specific AR Marker - download it for free from here (PC only).



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Bust open deviously designed boxes with your PlayStation Vita system.

  • Crack open a series of seemingly impenetrable cubes using augmented reality technology.
  • Master more than 50 conundrums, ranging from simple designs to intricate, ingeniously secured containers.
  • Double your brainpower when you team up with a friend via PlayStation Network to leave no box unlocked.

Download the OPEN ME! AR Marker for free from here (PC only).

Table Mini Golf

Table Mini Golf

Tee off in style on amazing courses that spring into life on any flat surface.

  • Use a single AR Play Card and your PS Vita system's rear camera to transform the world around you into a series of themed mini-golf courses.
  • Choose your player, grab your putter and head out onto the course to show off your flair as a mini golfer.
  • Win one-off games in style and triumph in multiplayer tournaments with a touch of panache to earn skill points, complete various challenges and level up your player.
Table Ice Hockey™

Table Ice Hockey™

Skate your way into the world's fastest moving, hardest hitting sport.

  • Use your AR Play Cards to create your very own virtual ice hockey arena on your desk or any flat surface.
  • Use the touch screen to hit slapshots, check your opponents and even settle your differences with a punch-up on the ice.
  • Customise your teams and individual players, and save up to four teams to use in any match.
  • Take part in tournaments for up to 16 teams and smash computer-controlled opponents or friends via Ad Hoc Mode.

Note: Table Ice Hockey requires three AR Play Cards to play. Download a free set of AR Play Cards from

Table Top Tanks

Table Top Tanks

Have a blast in this explosive augmented reality experience and bring the battle into your home.

  • Deploy your tanks on a virtual battlefield using AR Play Cards and engage in a series of tasks to test your skills as a commander.
  • Design your own battlefield then add real-world objects as obstacles and bonus items onto the action-packed theatre of war.
  • Blow away up to three nearby friends across a variety of maps via Ad Hoc Mode.

Note: Table Top Tanks requires at least three AR Play Cards to play. Download a free set of AR Play Cards from



Only you can save the planet from certain destruction in this pulsating augmented reality experience.

  • Place mirrors, splitters and colour changers to power up your rocket and save Earth - and your desk - from destruction.
  • Use your AR Play Cards and rear camera to launch missiles from any flat surface towards the deadly meteors above you.
  • Connect the laser beams to hit the high scores and open up five increasingly tricky stages - each with five challenging levels.

Note: PulzAR requires all six AR Play Cards to play. Download a free set of AR Play Cards from

Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving

Take the plunge into an incredible augmented reality experience.

  • Join daredevil Diver Dan as he scales the highest cliffs in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush.
  • Use your AR Play Cards and rear camera to make wild high diving platforms appear from any flat surface.
  • Perform elaborate diving tricks to earn prize money and progress to even higher diving boards.

Note: Cliff Diving requires at least one AR Play Card to play. Download a free set of AR Play Cards from

Table Football

Table Football

Bring your own football stadium to life and take the beautiful game anywhere you go.

  • Use all six AR Play Cards to create an entire football stadium on any surface.
  • Play single matches or tournaments against computer-controlled opponents or locally against friends via Ad Hoc Mode.
  • Use the PS Vita system's touchscreen to run, pass, shoot and apply swerve to your kicks.

Note: Table Football requires at least two AR Play Cards to play. Download a free set of AR Play Cards from



Light up the sky with your spectacular firework display.

  • Use the rear camera to create an amazing augmented reality fireworks display against any real-world background you choose.
  • Play Infinite mode to get the highest score possible or Challenge mode to tackle a series of progressively trickier levels.
  • Use one AR Play Card for Tabletop mode and make a city skyline appear on any surface.
  • Check your progress against other Fireworks players around the world with the online leader boards.
Reality Fighters™

Reality Fighters™

Fight as yourself anywhere and any time on PS Vita.

  • Battle in the real world via augmented reality - pick a location, point your PS Vita system at it and off you go!
  • Win a fight to claim your opponent's character, and then build yourself a collection of the craziest combatants ever seen.
  • Upload your post-fight images to Facebook, unlock new fighting styles, weapons and costumes or share your fighters, photos and items with friends using the PS Vita system's Near location service.
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