Enjoy bite-sized entertainment with minis


Introducing minis

Find out about the beautiful, bite-sized world of minis.

Welcome to minis

Engaging, fun and easy to pick up and play, wherever you are, minis is a series of small, snackable titles available to download form PlayStation Store for both PSP and PlayStation 3 systems.

The games

There are loads of different genres to choose from, such as racing, sport, action and puzzle.

Classic titles such as Tetris (PSP only) and MONOPOLY are also available as minis.

The titles have a file size limit of 100MB, so they don't take up much room on your PSP or PS3 system, and they download quickly.

New minis titles are added to PlayStation Store regularly, so you'll be spoilt for choice when you come to take your pick.

PSP and PS3 systems

Most minis titles can be downloaded and played on both PSP and PS3 systems. If you have downloaded your minis title to your PSP, you can access PlayStation Store and download the game again to your PS3 at no extra cost.

Getting your minis

Download minis title from PlayStation Store shouldn't take long too download because of their small file size.

Each minis title is priced differently, but they are all low cost and great value. Prices start from a wallet-friendly £1.19.


Enjoy bite-sized entertainment with minis

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Introducing minis



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