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Available on:
Release date: 22 February 2008
Developer: SCEI
Publisher: SCEE


PATA, PATA, PATA, PON - get moving with the beat in the visually eye-popping and addictive adventure game exclusive to PSP.

Patapon is a unique adventure for PSP, in which you lead a mischievous little tribe by beating out rhythms on your drums. Armed to the teeth with swords, spears and bows, these tiny people are lost without your reassuring beat.

It is your job to lead your restless tribe on a quest to reclaim their lands and discover the mysterious Worlds End.

  • Lead your Patapon in over 30 different types of adventure, including hunting monsters, daring rescues and epic battles
  • Equip and upgrade your Patapon with everything they need to tackle their adventures
  • Perfect your divine rhythm with eight addictive and fun mini-games




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