Stay in touch with friends


Use voice / video chat

Find out how to use PS3 to enable voice and video chats with other users.

Starting a new voice / video chat

[Start New Chat] is an option under Friends.

If you select the icon, you can start a voice / video chat. Select the person you want to invite to the chat room from the screen that is displayed.


  • Before starting a new chat, please ensure you have added your friends to your Friends List.

Display Photo

[Display Photo] is part of the voice / video chat options menu. During voice / video chat, you can display an image under Photo instead of the camera image or an avatar. Press the Triangle button during a chat to display the options menu, and then select [Display Photo].

Voice / video chat menu

The voice / video chat menu has been changed.

If you select Friends > [Start New Chat], a chat room screen will be displayed. You can perform various operations using the menu that is displayed on the screen.

Invite a Friend: Create a message to invite a person to join a chat room.
Tools: Display an image from Photo. Create a message for everyone in a chat session.
View: Adjust settings related to the chat screen display.
Chat Settings: Adjust settings for an audio device or camera.
Leave: Leave (exit) the chat room.

Stay in touch with friends

View messages in the profile screen

Find out how to access messages you have exchanged with your friends.

Use the Voice Changer feature

[Voice Changer] is an option in Settings > [Accessory Settings] that lets you change the voice that is input to an audio device.

Use text chat

Stay in touch with your friends using text chat on PS3.

Use voice / video chat



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