PlayStation®Move Racing Wheel

Release date: TBC

PlayStation Move Steering Wheel Left Image
Connection Type:
USB connector
Network Features:
For use with:
PlayStation 3

Move into the fast lane on PlayStation 3.

  • Jump into the driver's seat with intuitive controls that let you switch gears using the paddle shifters or throttle up using the twist grip.
  • Close the handlebars for car or aeroplane controls or open them for an authentic motorbike style.
  • Take advantage of the superior handling to pull off advanced manoeuvres such as drifting as you weave your way through the pack. 



Gran Turismo® 5

Gran Turismo® 5

The Real Driving Simulator brings breathtaking beauty and unmatched realism to PlayStation 3.

  • More than 1,000 stunning cars, from family runarounds to growling supercars hot off the production lines of manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti.
  • Unrivalled realism and incredibly detailed graphics take you as close to real racing as is humanly possible.
  • Series favourites GT Mode, Arcade Mode and Licence Test return, and you can now race in NASCAR and WRC events.
  • Hit the track in the definitive Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition, a souped-up version of GT5 packing special updates, extra cars, additional courses and exciting new features.
  • Take part in GT5: Academy Edition's exclusive, in-game GT Academy Challenge for your chance to win a driving day at the Silverstone Circuit or an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2013.
3+Online Gameplay
LittleBigPlanet™ Karting

LittleBigPlanet™ Karting

Join Sackboy and Sackgirl on the starting grid for a new kart racing adventure.

  • Play: Race through an ever-changing world of content in story, battle, split screen or online multiplayer racing modes.
  • Create: Fire up your imagination to build your own tracks, customise your karts or even design unique power-ups and weapons.
  • Share: Access millions of tracks created by the LittleBigPlanet community for a totally new experience every time you race.
7+ViolenceOnline Gameplay
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

Drive anywhere, take down anyone.

  • Hit jumps and shortcuts, lay low or shake off the cops in surroundings that play to your car's unique strengths.
  • Pick a ride, hook up with friends and jump into a non-stop playlist of tight, competitive events.
  • Earn Need for Speed points at all times as you try to outdrive your friends and become the Most Wanted.
7+ViolenceOnline Gameplay
Need For Speed™ Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed™ Hot Pursuit

Exotic cars on the open road, the rush of the escape, the thrill of the takedown – this is Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

  • Criterion Games redefines action racing with an experience that connects players through intense competition whether playing online together or taking on friends' challenges.
  • For the first time in Need for Speed history, players will experience the gripping and heart-racing action of both cops and racers.
  • Feel the power of busting suspects in supercharged cop interceptors like the Lamborghini Reventon, or outsmarting the law as a racer in high performance supercars like the Pagani Zonda Cinque.
  • Features Need for Speed Autolog, a revolutionary system that connects friends directly to each other's games, enabling them to compare and share all their experiences, pictures and challenges.
7+ViolenceOnline Gameplay
MotorStorm® Apocalypse

MotorStorm® Apocalypse

The MotorStorm festival ripped up Monument Valley, a Pacific Island and the Arctic Circle. It's now time to hit the city during a gigantic earthquake.

  • Survive hundreds of staggering, epic real-time destruction effects – everything from machine gun fire to rocket attacks to earthquakes happening as you race.
  • Pick your vehicle from no less than 13 classes, with supercars, muscle cars, superbikes, choppers and more now added to the legendary mix of classics.
  • Take the mayhem online with up to 16 players, including two player split screen or play offline in four player split screen races.
  • Head over to the MotorStorm Carrier in PlayStation Home* and discover some cool mini-games.
  • Bring every race, crash and explosion right into your living room in stereoscopic 3D glory on your 3D enabled TV.

*Please note that PlayStation Home is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

16+ViolenceOnline Gameplay

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