Chandragupta: Warrior Prince

Release date: November 2011

Publisher: SCEE

Developer: Immersive Games

Media type:
Network play:
no network play

323 BC. Ancient India awaits a hero. Through the mists of time, a Warrior Prince emerges.

  • 9 intriguing missions, 3 basic combat moves and 10 combos.
  • Earn points in the mission and call for reinforcements with the points earned.
  • Adjust difficulty level in the midst of the game.
  • Legend mode: time slows down more for the enemies than player.
  • Weapon upgrades by exchanging gold.

9 Missions to relive Chandragupta's conquest

  • Mission 1: Chandragupta fights with troops and Seleucus himself to win over Seleucid empire.
  • Mission 2: Teenager Chandragupta on a quest to defeat a local gang leader hiding in the forest.
  • Mission 3: Chandragupta is a student in Takshashila university learning the art of war, wherein other students in the university will stop him from reaching his goal.
  • Mission 4: Young but overconfident Chandragupta challenges Nanda king, who in turn sends him to jail. Chandragupta organises a upheaval amongst the prisoners to escape.
  • Mission 5: The quest to win over Eudemus' fort. Eudemus is a ruler in western Punjab.
  • Mission 6: Chandragupta's plan to win over the Magadha, fighting a large enemy and varied weapon attacks.
  • Mission 7: Chandragupta continues his conquest to western India and bay of Bengal. To win over the local population, he enters into a campaign to get rid of thugs.
  •  Mission 8: Chandragupta faces an unlimited number of enemies in the battle of Ujjain. You must survive a given time in the battlefield.
  • Mission 9: Chandragupta's conquest of Sanchi is the toughest of all, He has to endure a large scale battle, where enemies are numerous and carrying varied weapons.