PlayMemories Studio™

Release date: 29 September 2010

Publisher: SCEE

For use with: PlayStation 3

Minimum System Software: 3.50

Bring your photos to life and enjoy all your favourite memories on your TV screen with PlayMemories on PlayStation 3.

  • Connect your digital camera or video camera to your PS3 system and upload your images and videos to your PS3 Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
  • Store and manage your photos and movies, and view and edit them with the user friendly on-screen tools.
  • Enjoy panoramic and multi-angle photographs, as well as 3D pictures.
  • Arrange your snaps into a slideshow, complete with a soundtrack of your choice.
  • Upload pictures taken with any 3D camera and bring them to life by zooming in and out of the image or adding them to your slideshows.
  • View and manage your treasured photos and videos anywhere you go on your
  • PlayStation Vita or PSP via remote play.
  • Subscribe to PlayStation Plus to gain access to the full version of PlayMemories Studio at no extra cost.


  • PlayMemories Studio can be used in 2D or 3D.
  • Images taken with a 3D camera can also be viewed in 2D.
  • To enjoy stereoscopic 3D features, you will require a 3D TV that supports 3D stereoscopic display and 3D compatible glasses.



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Compatible cameras

Compatible cameras

Make the most of PlayMemories with these Sony cameras.

To enjoy PlayMemories to its full potential, you can use it in conjunction with one of these Sony cameras:

  • Cyber-shot™ DSC- WX7.
  • Cyber-shot™ DSC-WX10.
  • Cyber-shot™ DSC-HX7V.
  • Cyber-shot™ DSC-HX9V.
  • Cyber-shot™ DSC-HX100V.
  • Cyber-shot™ DSC-TX10.
  • Cyber-shot™ DSC-TX100V.
  • Alpha (α33,α55).
  • NEX series(NEX3&NEX5).
  • 3D Bloggie™.

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New features in PlayMemories 1.2

New features in PlayMemories 1.2

Take a look at the latest PlayMemories features.

New features in PlayMemories 1.2 (released 1 June 2011)

  • Categorise photos by type such as 3D or multi-angle.
  • Import photos to PlayMemories from the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) Menu.
  • Rotate photos 90 degrees.
  • View multi-angle photos in 3D.
  • Import photos up to ten times quicker.
  • Support for 43 megapixels pictures (compatible with the new CyberShot cameras from Sony).


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